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ATTENTION : This product is not proposed by MorphOS-Store. Just a promotion of the software. You must register via the author of Pixy.

An alpha version is proposed on MorphOS-Store : https://www.morphos-storage.net/?id=1680620

Pixy 1.0 Alpha release - The next generation pixel editor for Amiga

Copyright (C) 2016-2021 Sinisrus (Tony Canazza)


=== About ===

Pixy is a drawing program dedicated to pixelart and graphics with alphachannel transparency.
Pixy allows you to create several animations in a single project, each image of each animation sequence contains its own layers.
This makes it possible to work on all the animations of a character when creating video games for example.
Its interface is intentionally inspired by Photoshop for immediate use (if you know how to use Photoshop then you know how to use Pixy)
Pixy is developed with the Hollywood language so it is not the fastest but it offers a modern interface and features never seen on Amiga
like for example creating png anim ...

=== Register ===

Pixy is a Shareware This demo version does not allow save.
Pixy is still under development and it's already doing a lot of things
If you find bugs do not hesitate to contact me.

=== Change of since the last update ===

- New Icon Set (by Thomas Peterseim)
- Interface fully localized in English by default
- Small bug fixes

...Created on an Amiga by an Amigan for Amigans
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[NEW] White sticker MorphOS Inside

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