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  • Model:Switch DVI
Supports resolutions up to 1920 x 1080 pixels (Full HD)
Input / output signal selection is done manually at the push of a button

1x2 function:
You can use a signal source, eg. a receiver, on one of the 2 possible outputs, for example a television or a video projector. No parallel output of the two outputs is possible. The big advantage over a splitter is that the television and the projector do not interfere. If the video projector only offers a resolution of 720p and the television 1080p, for example, the television would only receive 720p with the use of a splitter.

2x1 function:
You can switch any 2 signal sources on one device. Thus, a DVD receiver or player can be switched to a television set. On the two-way DVI switch at the push of a button and thus broadcast the signal from the receiver or DVD player to the TV. Switching takes place manually and not automatically.