[NEW] Retro joystick adaptator


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  • Model:Retro joystick adaptator
Available on order.
USB 2.0 compatible.
Using an ATMEL ATMEGA 328p microcontroller running at 12MHz.
Based on standard human interface device (HID) from the USB spec for simple integration (Like keyboard or mouse).
Open source design. (Public domain).
Reprogrammable firmware via USB flash application.
Support a large range of DB9 controllers, including Atari digital joysticks, Atari analog paddles, Commodore CD32 joypad, Sega Genesis joypad,
Intellivision gamepad and many many more.
Support auto-fire (If your joystick provide it).
Robust design.
Authenticity of original controllers with the simplicity of USB.
No driver to install or update (Standard HID input device).
Use with any emulator or game.
Tested on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10, MacOSX, Linux, Amiga OS4 and MorphOS.
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