[NEW] External WiFi AC module 750 Mbps


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  • Model:TP-Link Nano 750 Mbps Wi-Fi AC
Dual Band WiFi N (300 Mbps) + AC (433 Mbps)
Support Repeater mode / Access point mode / Router mode / Bridge mode / Client mode
Allows you to connect to WiFi via the Ethernet port of your MorphOS computer even if it doen't have a WiFi device by default.
The Wifi configuration is realized via Firefox or other webbrowser (don't work on Wayfarer nor OWB for the moment). Then you just have to plug your module on the Ethernet port of your MorphOS computer to be connected to Internet via WiFi.
Select Eth0 and DHCP mode in Network prefs
Power supply via 220V adaptater or USB cable (include)
Small Ethernet cable include.
Size: 4.33 x 3.14 x 3.93 in.

What our customers say...

It works fine but for strange problems with my movilphone the wifi doesn't connect when it is a good solution for MacMini without airport or Sams, and you haven't a internet connection with wire and the only solution is use one movilphone as internet server and connect it via wifi with this router connected to the MacMini. Note some movilphones don't connect with this router although, it cans connect via wifi with a PowerBook G4...... although neither the movilphone connects with a PC NoteBook.... Paranormal situation.

Rated by Juan Carlos
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